Adults with Disabilities

Medicaid Waiver Provider

To assist adults with disabilities with learning new skills to improve behavior, increase independence, and reach goals, we provide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) services. PBS is an approach based on applied behavior analysis (ABA) paired with person-centered planning. These services are different from ABA services and are not as intense. With PBS, the  Behavior Life Coach (an endorsed Positive Behavior Support Facilitator, PBSF) assesses the situation, develops a plan, and trains the individual and their team to execute the strategies. Think of the Behavior Life Coach as a sports coach for the team who is there on the sidelines along the way to help them win without being an actual player in the game. 

For recipients of the Virginia Medicaid Waivers, this service is listed as Therapeutic Consultations. Dr. Levi-Shackleford has experience working with: ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, depression, intellectual & developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome, PANDAS/PANS, PICA, and much more. Services are appropriate for assisting with the following: 

  • Decreasing challenging behavior (including impulsivity, self-injurious, aggression, and property destruction) 

  • Increasing effective communication and coping skills 

  • Improving organization and future planning skills 

  • Improving life skills that increase independence (such as completing hygiene routines, cleaning up/completing chores, daily scheduling, and more)

How the Program Works

  • STAGE 1: The Intake Process This consists of the individual and their support team meeting with the Behavior Specialist to discuss the individual’s strengths, preferences, goals, and the challenges that make reaching their goals difficult.

  • STAGE 2: The Assessment Stage-  During the Assessment Stage, the Behavior Specialist will set up and conduct several observations and interviews to learn more about the individual and work to identify areas in need of improvement and triggers as well as the best interventions to address them.

  • STAGE 3: The Behavior Support Plan The behavior support plan (BSP) is developed and a team meeting will be organized. The individual and their supporters will review the plan and receive training on the strategies as well as resources and tools to help with the process.

  • STAGE 4: The Monitoring Stage The Behavior Specialist will monitor the individual and the team as they implement the plan and work towards the goals. When the team is comfortable and the individual is successful in using their new behaviors and routines, they will be discharged.

How do I enroll in the program?

There are a couple of ways to get started with the program. You can:

1.) Click the following link to fill out the referral form. Once received, a member of our behavioral team will reach out to you to schedule an appointment. REFERRAL LINK

 2.) Send an email with “Therapeutic Consultations Inquiry” in the subject line to