Behavior modification supports for ages 5-adult

CADC’s Better Version of Me program is a behavioral modification process derived from the evidence-based practice of positive behavioral supports (PBS). PBS is a combination of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and person-centered planning and is used to help individuals improve challenging and learn new behaviors to align them with a life of independence and success. 

Supports increase coping & transitioning skills, organization, levels of independence and decrease self-harm behaviors, verbal & physical aggression, anxiety, and much more!

The process consists of the following steps:

 INTERVIEWING– we interview team members, including the individual, in effort of identifying target behaviors and desired outcomes.

 OBSERVATIONS–  To get a better idea of the individual’s behavior, a PBS Facilitator will observe them in different settings 

DESIGN– Once the target behaviors and their meanings  have been identified, a behavior support plan will be designed and shared with the team  

TRAINING & IMPLEMENTATION– team members will be trained on intervention techniques, how to collect data, and how to respond to challenges

REVISION– Data will be reviewed and the behavior support plan will be modified according to progress made and any additional challenges that may develop or occur. 

Payment options include: Medicaid ID Waiver, Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services & private pay (sliding scale rates)

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