About CADC

Discover- Unlock-

Since its start in 2015 by Dr. Zipporah Levi-Shackleford, Creative Approach Development Center (CADC) has helped hundreds of individuals improve their quality of life and reach their goals by learning new behaviors that unlocked their true potential. The CADC was organized because as a special needs sibling and mother, Dr. Levi-Shackleford realized and grew frustrated with the limits placed on those with a diagnosis of a disability or mental health difference. She observed on numerous occasions that those in this category were not provided with the same opportunities as those without. She noticed when someone with a diagnosis expressed interest in achieving an ambitious goal, they were faced with resistance and lack of support and were often encouraged to dismiss their passions and goals and adopt new ones that were simple and many times not even related to what the person wanted to do. She grew tired of watching the frustration, embarrassment, and sadness from these negative interactions and began looking for creative methods to help those with a diagnosis further DISCOVER their passions, dreams, and goals, UNLOCK their potential, talents, and strengths and ACHIEVE what they were born to do. After successfully helping family and friends with goals such as graduating with a standard diploma while being in special education programs, getting jobs, and enrolling in college Dr. Levi-Shackleford was encouraged to share her methods and strategies with others by opening The Creative Approach Development Center. 

To ensure it is always remembered that there is always more than one way to reach a goal and that we all are capable of achieving greatness with the proper supports, The CADC staff is composed of those who have a variety of diagnoses and personal experiences that remind them what it is like when you are limited. CADC focuses not only on helping the individual with developing the right plan and strategies for their journey but also works to train their support team to help along the way. We are working continuously to share our message with schools, businesses, and organizations in hopes of changing the mindset that a disability or mental health diagnosis is a barrier to equality in level of independence and quality of life.