Reading Tips & Resources

  • Reading out loud with your children is one of the best ways to both teach them how to read and motivate them to read often. Below are links to some of our favorite books to share before bedtime.

  Bedtime Book Choices

  • Showing interest in what your child is reading will motivate them to read more. The following is a list of example questions you can ask them to get the conversation started. Ask these questions when you are driving in the car, fixing dinner, eating dinner or getting ready for bedtime.

   Fun Reading Questions

  • is a wonderful resource for reading. It has 90 million books in its collection and provides readers with information about books old and new. It also has over 40 genres to search from which really expands the reader’s choice and even introduces some that may have never been heard of before. You can set up reading goals, rate and write reviews about your books and chat with the different authors. also provides online book clubs which you can start with your own group.

Special Education


  • Did you know by the time your child is 14 years of age transition planning should be starting? There are a lot of things to consider for your child as they become an adult. Check out this articles to learn more about transition planning and implementation.

  Transition Planning for Students with IEPs

  • Congratulations! Your child has decided to go to college, a university or vocational school but, since IEPs do not carry over to post-secondary education, how can you be sure your child will get the accommodations they need to succeed. This article from the Department of Education provides some great answers to some popular questions about his subject.

  Transition of Students with Disabilities to Post-Secondary Education: A Guide for High School Educators 

  • ​Many students with special needs qualify for and receive IEPs. Want to learn more about the process and see if your child or loved one may qualify for one? Check out this summary provided by the National Center for Learning Disabilities.


  • What is the difference between an IEP and 504 plan? Learn more about the 504 plan and who qualifies for it.

  504 plan

  • There are multiple types of learning disabilities that affect different types of learning. This is an interactive checklist that can highlight which areas a student may need to focus on and strengthen.

 Interactive Learning Disabilities Checklist