Family/Caregiver Training

Family/Caregiver Training through the FIS Waiver

Family & Caregiver Training through the FIS Medicaid Waiver 

Creative Approach Development Center is a Medicaid Certified provider for parent & caregiver training under the Family & Individual Support (FIS) Waiver. Starting November  2021, parents, family members, & caregivers can enroll and complete up to 80 hours of workshops and training each ISP year. Choose from a wide variety of programs focused on behavior management, transitioning, skill development, and more with new topics added monthly! 

What does this mean? 

According to the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), Family/Caregiver Training is the provision of identified training and education related to disabilities, community integration, family dynamics, stress management, behavior interventions, and mental health for a parent, other family members, or a primary caregiver.

Who can participate in the training?

Any parent/caregiver can participate in workshops and training, but for those covered by the FIS waiver, “family” is defined as the unpaid persons who live with or provide care to a waiver individual, and may include a parent, spouse, children, relatives, a legal guardian, foster family, or in-laws. “Family” does not include individuals who are employed to care for the individual. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

If you are interested in participating in workshops and training and have a family member that is a FIS waiver recipient, please begin the process by clicking on the Referral Link button below. In order to have your enrollment fees covered by the waiver, your family member will need to have family/caregiver training added to their annual Individual Support Plan (ISP). Creative Approach Development Center will then be added to the plan as a provider. To assist with this process, please have your assigned case manager contact Dr. Levi-Shackleford at or by calling 804-876-2115. 


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