Homeschool Consultations 

Homeschooling is a great way to ensure your child will get the education they need to be independent and successful. There are many ways to homeschool your child and we will help you determine which style is best for your family. We also help you with filing your Notice of Intent, setting up a records system, choosing assessments, setting up a “Schooling” area in your home and those different questions that pop into your head as you are trying to figure it all out.

Creative Approach Development Center also supports homeschoolers by: 

  • Administering end of the year testing
  • Evaluating portfolios for proof academic progress!

Homeschool services are available in person, on-line (using Skype, OOVOO or Google Hangout) and by phone (with scheduled appointment). 



Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504s 

Getting the proper education for their child is one of the biggest battles fought by parents of children with special needs. Students with special needs often require extra supports, different teaching styles, and a strategic plan to keep the process organized. These students can often be classified into 1 of 13 categories that qualifies them for an Individual Education Plan/Program (IEP). If your child does not qualify for an IEP they may still be able to get additional supports with a 504 plan. Both the IEP and 504 explain to your child’s teachers and support staff their learning needs and how to reinforce them so your child can advance through their academic careers like their peers. 

While this sounds like a great solution, it is one that unfortunately comes with a great deal of confusion, stress, frustration, and anxiety. Parents often feel that they are not heard and the school is taking advantage of them. Teachers often feel overwhelmed by the demands and under equipped to provide them all, and students are left without a voice causing them to be placed in classes and electives they do not like. Many parents wonder how to keep everything operating smoothly.

Our IEP and 504 services can help. We will:

  • Review & analyze your child’s learning needs and style
  • Review the current IEP or 504 
  • Make recommendations for goals based on your child’s personal preferences, needs and future plans
  • Assist with IEP meeting prep 

If you are just starting the process or there are modifications and adaptations not included that should be, we will help you get what your child needs.


IEP and 504 services are available in person, on-line (using Skype, OOVOO or Google Hangout) and by phone (with scheduled appointment).