Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life is very unpredictable and sometimes we need help with making decisions and transitioning from one phase to another. Creative Approach Development Center is here to help! Our Life Coaching services provide you with a method for figuring out the next step and finds resources to help you get started and keep the momentum going until you have reached your goal. Over the years, we have helped clients

  • Go back to school to start the career change process

  • Start their small business

  • Get a job after being out of the workforce for years/in a new industry

  • Cope with & start over after a separation or divorce

  • Get organized & build a routine for increased productivity

  • Start over after a traumatic event

Our services are not intended to serve as counseling and work best when paired with therapy from a professional counselor if needed. We teach you how to create systems that work for you and your current lifestyle and how to find resources to help you live the life you deserve to live. For more information about our life coach sessions, please send an email with the subject line “Life Coach Inquiry” to