Moshe Levi

Moshe Levi, MBA, LPN

Moshe Levi is the Training Manager for Creative Approach Development Center.  His role at the Creative Approach is overseeing and coordinating events and workshops.  These events and workshops are designed regarding topics pertinent to the mental health awareness and special needs communities.  

Moshe believes that patience, hard work, and determination can help individuals overcome many challenges.  Diagnosed at grade school with a learning disability himself, Moshe knows the stress, frustrations, and even disappointments faced with challenges related to finding and securing resources.  With this experience, Moshe has dedicated his life to ensure that others with similar challenges have greater opportunities today than there was yesterday. Moshe Levi has worked as a rehabilitative nurse for 7 years.  He is also an AmeriCorps Alum with experience working with children from many diverse backgrounds and needs.  

Moshe is a licensed practical nurse (LPN), has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science and two Master’s degrees one in Business Administration, and one in Marketing.  He has led and trained countless audiences regarding diversity training, creating inclusive environments, teamwork and leadership, and helping to create better communication between individuals.