We are so excited to share that we are now Medicaid-Certified providers for parent & caregiver training under the Family & Individual Support (FIS) Waiver. Starting April 2020, parents, family members, & caregivers can enroll and complete up to 80 hours of our programs each ISP year. We offer a wide variety of programs focused on behavior management, transitioning, skill development and much more! 

What does this mean? 

According to the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), Family/Caregiver Training is the provision of identified training and education related to
disabilities, community integration, family dynamics, stress management, behavior
interventions, and mental health to a parent, other family members, or a primary

Who can participate in the training?

We have workshops and training for everyone but, for those covered by the FIS waiver, “family” is defined as the unpaid persons who live with or provide care to a waiver individual, and may include a parent, spouse, children, relatives, a legal guardian, foster family, or in-laws. “Family” does not include individuals who are employed to care for the individual. 

What are some workshops you offer? 

The ABCs of Behavior ManagementThis workshop will provide strategies for family members to promote positive behaviors at home and to improve family life at home. Participants will be taught how to break down events and analyze behaviors. Family members will also learn about why negative behaviors occur and how to create a setting that helps reduce the behaviors that frustrate and irritate us.

The Organized Parent (Its Not a Myth) The more appointments you attend or activities your child is involved in, the more papers you have to keep up with. This workshop shares some simple organization techniques to help you keep track of it all. Binders and supplies will be provided and attendees will be emailed a list of items to bring to the workshop to get their new organization systems started.  

My Child Just Got a Diagnosis, Now What?Receiving a new diagnosis for your child has so many emotions tied into it. We have designed this workshop in partnership with some other area organizations focused on supporting families with children with disabilities and other challenges. We provide coping strategies and info about some great resources for support.

Addressing Toileting HurdlesThis workshop discusses why toilet training is a challenging skill to master and provides some strategies and resources to help with the process. The content provided is appropriate for those with younger children as well as those that are older that have a developmental delay.

Self-Care for Parents & Caregivers – Helping others can be rewarding and challenging.  Often caregivers will sacrifice their own well-being with hopes of providing their client or loved one with the best care possible.  This can lead to caregivers burning out and forgeting their needs.  This workshop will teach you the skills necessary to recharge and refresh to continue to provide expectional care for your person.

Being a Special Needs SiblingBeing a special need sibling can be hard.  Feeling left out or forgotten because extra attention is needed for a brother or sister can leave your child vulnerable to harmful and disruptive behavior.  The purpose of this workshop is to teach your child healthy coping and communication to ensure that they too feel the love and support they need to thrive.  

Relationships and the Special Needs Parent Energy and time spent caring for your child can be demanding and it is no argument that you would do everything for your child.  However, this endless sacrifice may create an emptiness with your partner.  This workshop will help you create ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner while maintaining the proper care for your child.  

Helping Your Child with Independence – This workshop provides strategies and techniques you can incoorporate into your everyday routine that will help your child develop skills that make them more independent. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

If you are interested in participating in our workshops and trainings and have a family member that is a FIS waiver recipient, please begin the process by filling out the Interest Form below. In order to have your enrollment fees covered by the waiver, your family member will need to have family/caregiver training added to their annual Idividual Support Plan (ISP). Creative Approach Development Center will then be added on to the plan as a provider. To assist with this process, please have your assigned case manager contact us at ZLShackleford@CreativeApproachOnline.com or by calling 804-876-2115 ext 4 for workshops.