Parent Workshops 


Parents and caregivers often ask if there is a manual for raising children. Creative Approach Development Center says yes! We have designed workshops to help caregivers navigate some of the challenges involved with parenting. Our workshops are 60-minutes long and include valuable information from leaders in the field, takeaways to help participants get started and maintain new strategies and are FREE!


Topics include but, are not limited to:

Your Kiddo Has an IEP, Now What?

  • Special education rights
  • Parts of an IEP
  • Communication with your IEP team
  • IEP supporting tools

Creating a Sensory Friendly World (In a sensory Overloaded Society)

  • Signs of sensory overload
  • Making your home sensory friendly
  • Helping your child cope with sensory overload

How can I prepare my child for the future!

  • Creating a plan
  • Identifying partners
  • Creating resources and tools to guide transitioning

I lost my homework…AGAIN!!

  • Executive dysfunction
  • Organization for school
  • Organization for home

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