With our variety of services and programs, we are able to address challenges related to everything from better understanding a new diagnosis and coming up with a game plan to transitioning to the next developmental stage of life and taking your skills to the next level. Our one-on-one consultations can be customized to focus on problems with behavior, identify strategies to improve performance in school or work on important organization and social skills that will allow you to build new friendships, get a job and simply enjoy living a life based on your choices.

Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) is an approach that combines the evidence-based techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with person-centered planning. Our services assist individuals with learning new behaviors and helping them with  independence.

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We help the students learn strategies that will allow them to master the skills they need and easily apply them in upcoming years as they acquire new ones. We provide one-on-one sessions in reading, writing, math and also have sessions dedicate to organization, test taking and study skills.
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Homeschool & Educational Consultations

Students learn best when they have the proper accommodations and supports. Our homeschool consultations will help you get started with and continue to successfully homeschool. Our educational consultations will help you design the proper IEP & 504 with your team.

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Services based on your needs!

When you work with Creative Approach Development Center, you are not receiving a one-size fits all experience. We listen to YOUR concerns and goals and work with you to develop a plan that will take you to the next level.





Supporting Materials and Resources

Did you know to help you keep up the good work throughout the week, Creative Approach Development Center custom designs ALL your visual tools and resources? We make visual schedules, token boards, checklists, charts and more.






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