Together Towards Change
Provider Networking Group


Together Towards Change is a networking group created by Creative Approach Development Center in 2018. Our mission is to foster communication among providers and organizations who work with individuals with disabilities and their teams.

As providers we have found that our clients often needed services to address deficits and challenges in areas we do not specialize in. We realized we were spending a large amount of time trying to figure out which providers we could refer to and that we sometimes referred our clients to a provider or organization that was not a good fit because of a long waitlist or admission criteria our clients did not meet at that time.

To make the process better, we reached out to providers and organizations and hosted the Together Towards Change Provider Networking dinner which was a success. We all shared information about our organization and projects and have all been able to provide better referrals to help our clients reach and maintain goals in different areas of their life.



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