Calling all providers!

Come join Creative Approach Development Center June 7th from 6-8 pm as we host our 1st networking event to unite professionals that serve individuals with disabilities and their families

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As providers attempting to support the individuals we work with in the best ways, we frequently think of additional resources and supports that will benefit and help them reach their goals and outcomes in a faster and more thorough manner but, often do not know who to refer them too. We have also been contacted by providers in need of more information and resources to help them better support a new client/patient/student with a disability. 

After discussions with other providers we found this is a common challenge which led us to developing this networking event. We intend for this event to help providers address and change this challenge by learning about other programs, resources and services available that will allow us all to help those we work with reach their fullest potential.

 We invite physicians, social workers, teachers, therapists and other professionals that work with individuals diagnosed with intellectual, developmental, behavioral, physical disabilities and mental health to join us for this 2-hour networking event Thursday June 7th at Libbie Mill Library from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Tickets for the event are $28 per person which includes networking resources, collaboration and referral opportunities and a 3-course meal catered by Above & Beyond Exquisite Style Catering Services.

Dinner includes: 

Choice of drink: Sweetened or Unsweetened Tea

Fresh Salad Medley

Choices of 

                Vegan Dish  (lentil beans, onion, spinach over rice)

  Golden Herb Baked Chicken

Seasoned Green Beans w/ Smoked Turkey 

   Gourmet Mac & Cheese



 For more information, contact Moshe Levi at 804-876-2115 ext 1 or by emailing