Our Mission

Discovery of our abilities takes us beyond who we are.

  Our mission is to become the top leader & resource for inclusion, disability awareness and education in the nation.  We do this by helping those with learning challenges as well as those diagnosed with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities overcome barriers and improve their quality of life guided by their choices.

Extraordinary Experiences

Creating individual and group activities for all ages.

Tackling the hard spots in our lives.

Finding out how to go beyond who we are.



Our Core Values

The strength of who we are.

  • Providing the best for whoever comes into our door
  • Attentive care for each individual
  • Patience and understanding

Meet the team

Zipporah Levi-Shackleford M.Ed., PBSF, EdD Candidate 

Founder, Director of Academic & Behavioral Supports 

Zipporah Levi-Shackleford is the Founder and Director of Behavioral & Academic Support for Creative Approach Development Center. She started the organization because of her personal experiences as a special needs sibling and mother.  Zipporah provides a wide variety of services for individuals, ages 5 to 105, that experience challenges related to medical and learning disabilities. Some populations she provides supports for include individuals with autism, Down’s Syndrome, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more. She provides this service to the special needs population by delivering the tools and resources necessary to aid them in achieving their highest possible abilities.   

Zipporah believes that having a direct hands-on, interactive approaches allows her clients to make the massive, positive changes needed to succeed. Her belief is that everyone should live the life based on their choices.    

As a champion for the disability community, Zipporah has developed and harbored relationships with community members such as having a strong presence with local schools as well as working side by side with the Governor of Virginia.  Her skills and expertise has allowed her to teach large audiences around the country.  Thus, she is frequently requested to teach conferences for young professionals, public/private school trainings and other events specialized in helping people learn and understand more about the special needs population.     

 Zipporah’s education stems from having an Associate’s in Elementary Education, a Bachelor’s in Child Development, a Master’s in Education, and she is currently working towards a Doctorate in education specializing in  Instructional Technology which she is using to develop online trainings, apps, and other digital resources to further educate people with disabilities and their support teams.  In addition to this, Zipporah has certifications in Disability Leadership, Positive Behavior Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Furthermore, she has personal experience with the special needs community as she herself has four children.  Each with multiple diagnoses including Autism, Asperger’s and Down’s Syndrome.  She takes all cases and opportunities seriously as she has experienced and encountered many events throughout her life causing her to become an avid and passionate ally with the population.   

Moshe Levi LPN, MBA

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Moshe Levi is the Senior Administrative Coordinator for Creative Approach Development Center.  His role at Creative Approach is overseeing daily operations as well as designing and coordinating events and workshops.  These events and workshops are designed regarding topics pertinent to the special needs community.  

Moshe believes that patience, hard work and determination can help individuals overcome many challenges.  Diagnosed at grade school with a learning disability himself, Moshe knows the stress, frustrations and even disappointments faced with challenges related to finding and securing resources.  With this experience, Moshe has dedicated his life to ensure that others with similar challenges have greater opportunities today, than there were yesterday.

Moshe Levi has worked as a rehabilitative nurse for 7 years.  He is also an AmeriCorps Alum with experience working with children from many diverse backgrounds and needs.  

Moshe is a licensed practical nurse (LPN), has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  He has led and trained countless audiences regarding diversity training, creating inclusive environments and helping to create better communication between individuals. 

Carly Grubbs 

Community Relations Manager – BS in Communications

Carly Grubbs joined the Creative Approach Development Center as a Community Relations Manager in May of 2019. She’s excited to translate her previous experience in healthcare regulation compliance to a position that would allow her to learn how to better serve Richmond’s special needs community. She hopes to promote service quality, accessibility, and availability by developing relationships with the communities and stakeholders affiliated with Creative Approach Development.

Carly has a BS in Communication with a focus in Public Relations from Radford University.