Our Story

Creative Approach Development Center was established in 2015 by Zipporah Levi-Shackleford. Over the years as a special needs sibling and now a mother, Zipporah has experienced many barriers and obstacles with organizing and maintaining services for her family.  Frustrated with the lack of options, supports, and resources, she decided to make a change by starting an organization that works with children and adults with disabilities and challenges to help them develop personal goals geared for independence and reach them.  Zipporah believes plans should not only involve the individual but, also be based on their personal preferences and choices.

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to become the top leader & resource for inclusion, disability awareness and education in the nation.

We do this by helping those with learning challenges as well as those diagnosed with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities overcome barriers and improve their quality of life guided by their choices.

Who is Creative Approach Development Center?

Creative Approach Development Center is an organization in Richmond, Virginia that focuses on working with individuals with diverse needs to help them identify their personal strengths and goals, develop a strategic plan to work towards those goals and provide them with supports while they work towards success.

Our approaches are based on the evidence-based techniques of Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) and are all person-centered to ensure our plans are based on the individual’s needs and choices.

Over the years we have found that focusing on the individual alone was not enough. We would work hard to help the individual develop skills but, would discover their support team needed more resources and tools to help the individual maintain their skill set.

Another observation was the community not being structured in a way to support the individual through their various stages of development. There is increased awareness but, still a large lack of understanding. For this reason, our services are divided into three specific departments:

  • 1) Individual Supports (behavior modification, academic assessments, academic life coaching, transition planning, social and soft skill development)
  • 2) Team Supports (parent and caregiver training, direct support provider (DSP) training, workshops, webinars and info sessions) 
  • 3) Community Supports (our Building Inclusive Communities program: business inclusion evaluations, inclusion modification planning & development, manager & employee training, organized events)

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