Businesses & Organizations

Training & Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for businesses and organizations to help them develop, improve, and maintain inclusivity and diversity practices. Below is listing of some of our workshops. These workshops and trainings can be hosted at our office or we can come to you. Additionally, because of COVID- 19, we are working on scheduling them as webinars as we are currently not hosting any workshops at our office in response to the pandemic. If you are interested in receiving information about future workshops and courses for your staff or Board, please fill out the contact form below. 

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Team 

This workshop helps those in leadership roles understand the importance of having a diverse and inclusive team. It also discusses how to recruit those with diverse backgrounds and ensure the environment is designed in a manner that  acknowledges everyone’s point of view and ideas. 

Effective Communication & Teamwork in the Workplace

There are many points of view in the workplace and sometimes we have opinions and viewpoints that differ from our co-workers. This workshop teaches teams how to effectively communicate and work together even with differences in opinions. The workshop focuses on the components of effective communication as well as the roles of team members and strategies for dealing with conflict, time management, and other team challenges.